Accordingly, it's fare thee well
Gonna take God of leaves red river swells
The bugle roars you roam
One horn for Jerhico and one for me
Brave the tallies told
Brave further,
Child unbroken to unknown
Dwell, persuasion, stay
It's a long, lost pact you've made
No real fortune's safe
No enchantments
Vex spell cum
Distant draw
I'm wretched
But the sea is
Law in parts pose, sold
For it's never ours unto
It's just me and you
We perish free
To dive right back asleep
To sleep
If myth and myrrh stir restive plow
And an orient moves pungent brow
Then poisoned strays a seraph's mouth
Wept to the plat I'd
Kept for kicks
As perished in fragile rout
Whence quislings
Broomed straight from their fix
For candor, for mesa, for shroud
I chafe by what stabs so loud
Majestic, more than proud
Dear fantastic
Swing rythms of the mind
Pure sentience
Is the manna
Of our kind
Day for night
For it's never ours unto
It's just me and you
Spun arabesque
An altar for an altar
For an altar
For a kiss



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