(Come On) Let's Go!


C'mon let's go
Ill find you waiting there
Beyond their violence dared
A light around your soul
You could be my friend
Lovely and different
Crushing up the stars above us
A guarantee to spoil our rot
Tears were once my only way back home
Someone speaks and instantly I'm cold /
C'mon let's go
C'mon let's go
Beyond the great unknown
Beyond their punched-up skulls
To die upon this road
C'mon let's go
C'mon lets go
Anesthetized i'm hollow
Playing to the dark back row
C'mon let's go...
Assimilate. it's all been staged
Tie made mistakes
They penetrate
They're gonna take
It's all the same
They cannot wait
Their lore spells hateĀ 
I wanna love!
I wanna love!
I'm pushing back
I'm serpentine
I'm pushing back
Lord save me
With need
Lord walk me home
C'mon let's go
c'mon let's go
Tears were once my only may back home
Someone weeps and instantly I'm thrown
C'mon let's go
C'mon let's go
C'mon let's go!



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