Confessions Of A Dopamine Addict


Love is easy
Whichever way you start
Take a diamond
Slice it through your heart
And watch what color bleeds
And task which sweetness
Decimation stings
For inamorata
And swan-like swain
Or valentine
And twinning flame
On whiff of pain and cross
Your cedar burns, aflame
I'm down for bewitching trains
And cursed tower
Masts blacked as windswept
Horizons ever sour
If it takes more to find you
Than setting out a faded sun
Can you feel the same
Do the stars inked on my face
State what's changed?
With a distance I can't make
From a distance I can't make
For tango-smith
And cantor camoused
For anguished scrive
And maelstrom mouse
On scent of pain and cross
Your cedar burns
Aflame at loss



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