Frail and Bedazzled


Now listen here
I wanna be oh-so clear
I lost myself
And lost i'll stay
Between my friends
And my malaise
And here i am
Frail and bedazzled from all the glare
Tug at my sleeve
My little girl
My sweet Marie
She don't know
How bad i am
Stole my smile
From a Cheshire cat
And all i wanted
Was to be happy
And since i gave up
I feel free
Two of us less dangerous
It's all inside our heads
Givin' in for nothin' less
Leavin' me for you
Try to understand
The ones i love
And their demands
It's so unfair
When they can't see
That i'm the boy
That really needs
Their love has failed
Frail and bedazzled from all the glare




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