Night Waves


On splintered glass
We creep and while this town's asleep
I am prone to weep
In a violet storm
So lay my wreath as fault
And waste your prose on all
These nights a'int worth their out
On circles alone
Oh my, how the mighty smite
What smolders
What survives
To destroy all that needs to turn
So everything'll turn out right
There i go again
Oh come as doom
As windows to the room
So it's too soon
We whistle to that tune
Of 'Ophelia'
And die until we'll die no more
There I go
Casting doubt
And then
Leaving home to mend
This broken world
Oh come as doom
As windows to the room
So, it's too soon
I miss Ophelia
Who died until she was no more
So there I go
With my pal, 'Ol Dread
Forbidden cities end
And no friends amend
This debt of air
Are we null at keel
Where mistakes appeal
And mandrakes stomp
Their heels
On our circles alone
There I go



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