With Ado I Do


Eye encircles eye
with chimes that peal
of midnight
If done is done
What have we won
Of midnight
A wheel's rewind
Our lowly tribes
Where time slays old allies
And love
'Tis crime
Yes, love
Slum as I
To all that was vaunted
All we'd ever sought
Hear God
The prayers of your unwashed
We're lonely where you're lost
Hear friends
This moment spells the end
Where serpents wind their wend
Hear God how this ends
With steps apace
I disappear untraced
This moment heralds break
Of a shape and shame
And faced
Right head on
Is life eternal
In a light you just can't watch
Hear, god
The prayers of our facade
We're watched and only watched
Hear god, how this ends hear, friends
This moment's end I lend
From here
I'm 'round the bend
Hear god
How this ends



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